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"Let’s talk about refugees"


Three educational training programs and workshops for teachers and students in public primary schools in Poznań and Wielkopolska region.




  • 1st edition in 2017

  • 2nd edition in 2018

  • 3rd edition in 2019


  • Aleksandra Jarocka

  • Marta Kluszczyńska

  • Krystyna Lewińska

  • Izabella Main



CeBaM UAM, City of Poznań, Batory Foundation



One World Association in Poznań, Migrant Info Point


Each edition consisted of several actions:


  1. one-three day-long training on forced migration, multicultural education, and non-formal education

  2. 90-minute workshops in schools for groups of 15-30 students

  3. supervision of educators

  4. lectures and discussions on [you need to be specific here; in English it sound weird to say to increase knowledge];

  5. debriefing and final evaluation of the project


  • Trained 30 educators in multicultural education, with focus on forced migration

  • Organized 90 workshops in schools

  • 2200 students participated in the workshops

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