mgr Izabela Kujawa

cultural anthropologist and ethnolinguist, doctoral student at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Adam Mickiewicz University



Research interests:


♦ migration to the People’s Republic of China and from PRC to other developing countries (research experience in China and in Siberia)


♦ racial and ethnic stereotypes, multicultural education (educational projects and activities both dealing with and also aimed at national and ethnic minorities, refugees, immigrants, returning migrants)


♦ social science methodology and method




♦ Kujawa I. 2018. 'Don't call us 'Polonia'': Attitudes towards Migration, Migrants, and Diaspora among Poles in South China, in: Contemporary Migrations in the Humanistic Coefficient Perspective. Florian Znaniecki's Thought in Today's Social Science Research, ed. J. Kubera, Ł. Skoczylas, Bern: Peter Lang, Pp. 187-198.


♦ Kujawa, I. 2015. Chińska emigracja z perspektywy Chin – okolice Kaiping i diaolou. Biuletyn migracyjny 54: 2-3.

♦ Kujawa, I. 2015. Shenzhen – miasto z chińskich snów, Anthropos? 24: 135-144, 2015

♦ Kujawa, I. 2015. Etnolog w Chinach. Wyzwania dla prowadzenia badań terenowych, Kognitywistyka i media w edukacji 2: 133-144.

♦ Kujawa, I. 2013. Using people as infrastructure in order to survive: the case of Western immigrants in Wuhan (China), in: Współczesna Azja z perspektywy młodego badacza, ed. M. Kania, Poznań: Repozytorium UAM, p. 39-54, 2013




Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis (NOVAMIGRA) 2018-2021, Horizon 2020, researcher 


Managing emotions: Filipino migration to the People’s Republic of China 2019-2020, Preludium NCN, principal investigator


♦ Społeczno-kulturowa identyfikacja cudzoziemców [Socio-cultural identification of foreigners] 2013-2016, researcher [link]

AMIGA. Active MIGrAnts on the labour market – a German-Polish cooperation, 2013-2015 researcher, 


♦ Land of Contention. Chinese-Russian Borderland (Transbaikalia and Hulunbuir) in National Discourses of Russia, China and Mongolia, National Science Foundation, 2013-2016, researcher

dr hab. Izabella Main:


Centrum Badań Migracyjnych UAM
Collegium Martineum UAM
ul. Święty Marcin 78, 61-809 Poznań
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