AMIGA Active MIGrAnts on the labour market – a German-Polish cooperation

The project is co-funded by the German and Polish European Social Fund (ESF).


Project dates: June 2013 – May 2015 (24 months)


Project's number: POKL.07.02.01-30-092/12


Chief coordinator in Poland: Karolina Sydow (Centre for Migration Studies UAM, contact: karsyd(at)


Assistant: Patricia Krolik


Chief coordinator in Germany: dr Magdalena Ziółek-Skrzypczak (the Department of Labor and Economic Development in the City of Munich [Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft der Landeshauptstadt München – RAW],


Strategic partner: City of Poznań





The AMIGA project focuses on the following project goals:


1) Increasing the degree of social and professional integration of migrants by raising the level of their professional activity in the local labour market


2) Developing strategies of support  for migrants in the local labour market with focus on 3 target groups:


-  migrant entrepreneurs
-  foreign university graduates and students
-  unemployed migrants


3) Providing migrants with better access to information on services and opportunities in the host country


4) Establishing a model of long-term collaboration of different institutions dealing with  migrants


5) Promoting the idea of migrants’ potentials and positive contribution to the host society


6) Knowledge transfer and best practice exchange with other EU countries


During the AMIGA project it is planned to a) establish actions that bridge research and practice in migration and integration, b) discover untapped potentials in the light of global skill shortages, c) ensure that migrants will have better access to information about the living and working conditions in Poland and Poznań, d) raise the awareness of the local societies through various positive portraits of foreigners living in Poznań, e) work out recommendations how to support migrants’ potentials, taking the experience of the “old” EU member Sates into account and comparing them with the situation in Poland and Poznan.

dr hab. Izabella Main:


Centrum Badań Migracyjnych UAM
Collegium Martineum UAM
ul. Święty Marcin 78, 61-809 Poznań
pokój 422